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Real Estate

Real estate photos tell the stories of properties

When selling and presenting a property, there is hardly anything more important than the first impression conveyed by the pictures. All the facets of the house must be captured and literally shown in the best light. Real estate photos tell the stories of properties. They show not only the facade, but also what lies behind it. They need to meet three different requirements: they must convey information about the property, create impressions, and arouse emotions. This is achieved through detailed images and playing with perspectives.

Other areas from my portfolio


With my pictures, I preserve a certain mood of a cosy hotel room and provide guests with an authentic glimpse of the house before they even arrive.


Interior photography is the art of capturing the beauty of interior spaces and homes and bringing out the best in them.


With light and stylistic devices of photography, I find the most-fitting vantage point in order to catch and preserve the mood of a building with all their nuances.


The moment of an abandoned forest clearing or the morning mist of a field: I catch the beauty of nature in my landscape pictures and preserve them through it.


How often have you wished to be a bird? With our drone we can create new perspectives on your properties and possibilities of presenting them.

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