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EMGIE Photography

Photography and art in perfection

Photography is the art of giving a new perspective to everyday objects. We only superficially perceive many of the things around us. A house is just a house, a hotel room strikes you as cozy, a landscape is pretty to look at. With my camera I record the details, discover new perspectives and play with the natural colors, forms and facets of light. A single picture can capture the mood of a room or the idyllic quality of a summer’s day in the midst of nature. As photographer I have specialized in capturing the most beautiful aspects of landscape and architecture, reproducing moods and recording impressions.

„My passion has never been for photography, but for the possibility – through forgetting yourself – of recording in a fraction of a second the emotion of a subject, and the beauty of the form.“ Henry Cartier-Bresson
Melanie Görlitz

Melanie Görlitz

Photos come alive through the passion of the person behind the camera. This passion has been following me for many years now. Since 2016 I have been working as a photographer in Hamburg and in the beginning I specialized in portrait photography. But I quickly fell in love with architecture, with beautiful facades, futuristic houses and the clear lines and forms. It is a great challenge to capture the mood and beauty of an entire building in just a single motif. But this is the challenge that makes my heart beat faster. As a photographer I have specialized internationally in luxury real estate and luxury hotels.

I am happy to take comissions in the following areas


Interior photography is the art of capturing the beauty of interior spaces and homes and bringing out the best in them.


With my pictures, I preserve a certain mood of a cosy hotel room and provide guests with an authentic glimpse of the house before they even arrive.

Real Estate

They show not only the facade, but also what lies behind it. This is achieved through detailed images and playing with perspectives.


With light and stylistic devices of photography, I find the most-fitting vantage point in order to catch and preserve the mood of a building with all their nuances.


The moment of an abandoned forest clearing or the morning mist of a field: I catch the beauty of nature in my landscape pictures and preserve them through it.


How often have you wished to be a bird? With our drone we can create new perspectives on your properties and possibilities of presenting them.

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